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Rose Bella

nettoyantapinceau.rosebella_prd_sg.jpg Nettoyant à pinceau Rose Bella Rose Bella brush cleanser
Brush-On Glue 5 sec Colle pinceau Rose Bella Hi-quality glue. Amazing results!
Crystal Base Base cristal Rose Bella Fast, it will dry your finition quickly
Crystal Finish Finition cristal Rose Bella For impeccable nails
Activator Catalyseur Rose Bella Non-yellowing, non-aching activator
ROSE BELLA BRUSH ON ACTIVATOR Catalyseur au pinceau Rose Bella Brush on activator for those who don't like odors
liaison-miracle-rose-bella_prd_sg.jpg Liaison miracle Rose Bella Removes the demarcation of the tip quicly
pot-eponge_prd_sg.jpeg Pot éponge 5 trous Rose Bella Fast and effective for the nail melting
eponge_prd_sg.jpg Éponge 5 trous pour acetone Sponge for melting
dissolvantsansacetone.rosebella_prd_sg.jpg Dissolvant sans acétone Regular aceton free nail polish remover
huile-cuticule-rose-bella_prd_sg.jpg Huile à cuticules Rose Bella Rich and soft oil
desinfectant.nettoyant.rosebella_prd_sg.jpg Nettoyant/désinfectant Rose Bella Disinfect your hands and your customers' in a effective way
thymol.septic.rosebella_prd_sg.jpg Thymol septic Disinfects the nail plaque, prevents funguses and mould stains
Ultra White Powder Poudre ultra fine pour la technique résine Polymer powder, for ultra-fine textured resin
pot-frost1_prd_sg.jpg Pot de verre givré pour poudre Container for powder
sableur.rosebella_prd_sg.jpg BUFFER Buffer
Brush-On Resin Résine pinceau Rose Bella Hi-quality resin. Good until the last drop!