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DIVA BASE SEAL POLISH 1/2 OZ Diva vernis base seal 1/2 oz Long lasting treating polish. Ideal for french manucure
dashingdiva.frenchtips.rosebella_prd_sg.jpg Diva prothèses french tipped For short nails who want to have a french tip. 3 shades of white and 21 assorted colors
dashingdiva.frenchwrap.rosebella_prd_sg.jpg Diva prothèses french wrap plus Perfect french manucure in a few minutes
DIVA VIRTUAL NAILS DIVA VIRTUAL NAILS Ideal for very short nails or for a special occasion
DIVA FRENCH WRAP + KIT DIVA FRENCH WRAP + KIT A unique kit for a manucure without cover up
rose-bella-lime-rose-coussinee_prd_sg.jpg Lime diva Durable sponge file
DIVA TAILOR BOND RESIN Diva tailor bond Thick glue for virtual nails
topgeldiva_prd_sg.jpg DIVA TOP GEL 14GR Ultra shiny finition gel
DIVA TOP SEAL POLISH 1/2OZ Diva vernis top seal 1/2 oz Optimal protection finition polish