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Rose Bella
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Our employees



Beautician since 18 years, nail technician since 14 years, resin and powder teacher since 12 years, INM Master Educator (Gel and Acrylic) since 8 years, and Dashing Diva trainer.
Always searching for new products, Melanie is overload by enthusiasm. With her leadership and businesswoman fibre, she knows how to transmit her passion and dynamism to her team. She performs marvellously in the potential development of each and every one of her ‘’Bella’’ with her intuition.

Diane Robitaille

With her generosity of spirit, she’s our ‘’Supewoman’’! 10 years ago, she founded Rose Bella Distribution with her daughter, Melanie. Since, she’s worn several hats to achieve this beautiful realisation. Now, she surrounds the Quebec area to share her determination to all of the nails industry’s passionates. Always there at the conventions, she makes sure that her ‘’Bellas’’ don’t lack of anything.

Veronique Jacques

(On maternity leave)
On top of her passion, she knows how to make people discover the Rose Bella universe and the multitudes of new items!

Eugenie Turcotte

With more than 10 years of experience as a nail technician, she’s the newest graduate in the Rose Bella’s teaching staff. You can meet her in open doors and conventions. She teaches the resin and powder technique, U.V. gel and feet treatment. She will charm you with her Fantasy 2 course.

Pamela Brisson

With more than 6 years of experience as a nail technician and reputation to die for with the customers, Pamela enters the coaching staff with more than a year of inside training. With her salon experience, she will help you perform with your rein and powder technique. Ask her to see a little fantasy, her best asset...

Customer Service

All smiles, our team communicates their passion. With impeccable patience, they will guide customers through the sale process with great pleasure.

Our Distributors

A complete network of collaborators welcomes you in all regions of the Quebec province. Directly trained by Rose Bella, they offer the complete line of products.