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For the summer period, web orders are available for delivery and pick-up from Monday to Thursday. Allow 48 hours for all orders. Free delivery with purchase of $95 or more before taxes


CORRECTIVE PEN Crayon correcteur pour vernis Correct polish imperfections
MANUCURE JAR Bol manucure Soaking jar for regular manucure
brosseaongles.rosebella_prd_sg.jpg NAIL BRUSH Brush your fils after each installation
TIP FOR CORRECTIVE PEN Embout pour crayon correcteur Tip for corrective pen
WOOD STICK Bâton d'oranger A must-have
appuie-bras-noir_prd_sg.png Appui - bras Rest your wrists or relax your customers with this beautiful pink cussion
dissolvantsansacetone.rosebella_prd_sg.jpg Dissolvant sans acétone Regular aceton free nail polish remover
MENDHA PUMP Pompe mendha Handy and mess-free
huile-cuticule-rose-bella_prd_sg.jpg Huile à cuticules Rose Bella Rich and soft oil
bocal.de.sterilisation.rosebella_prd_sg.png GLASS STERILISATION JAR Glass sterilisation jar
lime-polissoir_prd_sg.jpg Lime polissoir Buffing file ultra shine
pince.a.cuticule.rosebella_prd_sg.jpg Pince à cuticules Effective cuticule pliers 1/4
serviette.plastifier.rosebella_prd_sg.png Serviettes de travail plastifiées Dental napkins for work station
CLOWN MINI DUSTER Époussette clown Clown-colored mini duster
coupe.ongle.rosebella_prd_sg.jpg Gros coupe - ongles Nail cutter
cotton-gaz-2x1_prd_sg.jpg Gaze de coton Cotton Pad
STICKY MANUCURE GUIDE STICKY MANUCURE GUIDE Rech perfection with this little tool!
default2_prd_sg.jpg Gants de nitrile Nitrile Gloves