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Resin and powder - Complete course

(Semi-private with a maximum of 6 students)

With our background experience of over 15 years, we want to offer you the best of our knowledge. Our teachers have many years of experience and are constantly training to be always on the lookout of the latest trends.

We offer you to learn the career of your dreams in 4 days.

$ 770 + taxes. Complete kit included
(You will use your products throughout training)

Here is an overview of the lesson plan

  • Nail health and anatomy
  • Product application techniques
  • Fantasy integration
  • Practice on model**
  • Marketing strategies
  • Tips to start in business
  • Review and test exam

Following your successful exam, you will receive a recognized diploma certifying your certification and your success.

** Please note that during the training, days 2 and 3 are practice days, and it is the responsibility of the student to bring his own model.

A comprehensive monitoring is done after your course.

Your success is our goal, our pride.